Welcome To Team Dezi Coach Dezi offers different programs depending on your needs and all can be done from the comfort of your own home. From custom workouts and personalized nutrition while working 1:1 with Coach Dezi and our Registered Dietitian Cassandra, to enjoying the support and benefits of a successful Group Weight Loss program such as the Fun Fit & Sassy Weight Loss Club to working independently and at your own pace through a web-based platform with the Healthful Weight Loss Program. Coach Dezi knows that not one program will benefit everyone as we all have our different learning styles. Not sure which program is best for you? Schedule a FREE consult with Coach Dezi today! FREE CONSULTATION


To empower women to succeed in attaining both long-term weight loss and improved health through education, laughter and incredible support!


Lose Weight from

All programs and services offered by Coach Dezi is available for you via the comfort of your own home allowing you to save time in your busy schedules!

Your Own

We know that some things come easier than others. That’s why all programs and services offered by Coach Dezi focus on making you successful and that means working at the pace that works best for you!

Not Just a Weight Loss Program

This is not your trainer who took a weekend course or a YouTube sensation who just gives you tips and never works 1:1 with clients.You have not 1 but 2 professional and credentialed practitioners who are leaders in their respective fields available to help you succeed!


Dezi was a huge help in my getting healthy journey. While working with her over a period of six months I was able to loose a total of 40lbs. Not only did I lose weight but I gained healthy habits. Dezi was able to provide guidance for me any time I had a question and always kept my spirits high when I was down.
I’ve been awakened! One change, leads to another. And it’s just the beginning!!! I feel like a new Man!! Losing 120lb was only the tip of the iceberg. My renewed confidence and energy allowed me to break away from a dead end overnight job freeing him up to spend more time with my 3 children.


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